XXI Arr.


F. Dostoevskij



I’ll go in that direction, my way. I’m not the only one and if worst come to worst, the arrival line will be just be different than the one scheduled while at the same time I’ll live in FULL HD. Given the circumstances, it’s a great bazza (EN local word for fortunate opportunity and chance, implying a relatively limited effort 😉




I’m heading to the XXIst Arrondissement (French word for district, ed.).
Paris, where I often hang around for working reasons, has 20 Arrondissements. Bologna, where I live, used to have 18, now it has 9.





The XXI st Arr did not even exist ‘till a few months ago.
I have reached the XXI without GPS, as I created it/ or it created itself on its own (cause to be honest, the dynamics about this process aren’t clear yet to me either)..

XXIst Arr. a virtual space in evolution.

This Blog aims both supporting all those who are currently proceeding along “a rescue way out after a shipwreck”, and endorsing those rare creatures (forever young), who feel the need of sharing ancestral skills, while being proactive and synchronized with the time we live in. Inspirational everyday heroes who become examples, by giving birth to creative experiences, born out of true love and enthusiasm for what they do, for the people and for the environment. BRAVE ONES.
Leaving aside any sterile crystalized or nostalgic frame of mind.

XXI Arr. today is also a physical space as well, existing in the heart of Bologna, within the walls of a beautiful historical building, seat of Alchemilla APS, an association embracing art and culture, which I support actively.
XXIst Arr. is both my projects lab, experiences and ideas’ archive, my vision of style/ lifestyle and whatever orbits around it, such as the ideal of beauty and anything creative and original while inspirational.

Whether I managed to clarify what XXIst Arr. is or not, however, this is the least of the objectives. The most important thing is, to know that the XXIst ARR. exists for anyone, who can instinctively recognize her/himself in its core values, even if just in part, for both sharing , creating , knowing , going in depth or simply being inspired. That means, I’d love to hear from you, even if it’s just for a “(REAL) like”, a suggestion or an idea to share and grow, in the meantime…