XXI Arr.

About me


Hallo, I’m Ragia Kaja Abdulwahed.
I’m Afro-Italian, I was born in the heart of Bologna but raised in the suburb.
I’m a former #telefonoazzurro( Italian association providing support to abused children in Italy, ed) and a #metoo- as a child and as a young girl.
I’ve always been very lucky.

“Beauty will save the world”

– F. Dostoevskij


XXI Arrondissement

Paris, where I often hang around for working reasons, has 20 Arrondissements. Bologna, where I live, used to have 18, now it has 9.
The XXIst Arr. did not even exist ‘till a few months ago.
I have reached the XXI without GPS, as I created it/ or it created itself on its own (cause to be honest, the dynamics about this process aren’t clear yet to me either)..


XXI Arr.

A brief collection of articles, from the columns  “Monthly Issue” and “Latest News”. In the first one, you will find contents that put the Other at the center. Stories that can be perceived and lived as examples of Resilience and Sustainability, despite their occasional simplicity. In the second one “Latest News”, the Atelier of XXI Arr.  will be the focus: It’s were you will witness its growth, slowly slowly… ALOHA!